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Tim Glennon

Very nice! 

On Sat, Jul 6, 2019 at 3:02 PM Axel <axel.friedrich_smail@...> wrote:

I was asked for some details on how I built my enclosure for QCX. Want to
share it public, so everybody who is interested can read it.

I made it similar to PD7MAA:

Bougth enclosure here:

Jackets and push buttons are not on the PCB, but placed into the enclosure

Pushbuttons are from, T 250A RT.

Potentiometer and encoder are those coming with the kit.

I use 4 push buttons: Left and right button as in the original kit, center
button instead of the button of the encoder, and a fourth button instead
of the micro switch. I use the later when tuning my ATU.

I bent the legs of the 7805 so that it is very close to the side wall of
the enclosure; then I pressed a piece of plug's plastic housing between
the 7805 and the display board in order to press the 7805 against the
enclosure wall (as a heat sink). You can see this in the image, top left.

For making the cut out for the display, I used a tool similar to Dremel +
5 of these:, PROXXON 28810 . This created a lot of dust ;/

For removing the edges inside the enclosure I used a bit similar to this: : PROXXON 28759

The images might give an impression of the result.

Hope it helps someone.

Kind Regards,
Axel, DF1ET

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