Re: ProgRock - Serial Update

Robin Midgett

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for the note. I've come back to this project after a sabbatical. Strangely enough, the 182 Hz. compensation isn't required now...I have no explanation presently.

I still get better results in terms of frequency stability without GPS discipline than with, so your input regarding some GPS units not performing well with ProgRocks is helpful. I've tried three different GPS modules so far with similar results...better stability without GPS than with. The current GPS module is a Trimble Resolution T, which, according to info on, is a good - very good unit for time keeping. In light of your comment and my experience, I realize that may not mean it's suitable for a ProgRock driver. It'd be helpful if the ProgRock 1PPS requirement was defined in the manual in terms of amplitude and pulse width. I'm considering trying a pulse stretcher between the 1PPS output of the GPS & the CLK2 1PPS input of the ProgRock.

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