Re: 2m under threat for Thales

Stephen Farthing G0XAR JO92ON97


I can only speak for what I’ve experienced in the U.K. Two meters, apart from the FM repeater section, is not used much apart from contests. Turn on your radio and tune around if you don’t believe me. Or better still try for some CW or SSB contacts. Good luck! There is an old saying “use it or loose it” and in my experience Amateurs in the U.K. haven’t been using it much for a long time. So I’m not surprised that commercial companies have their eyes on this mostly unused spectrum. I read somewhere that (though I don’t know the truth) that the Thales proposal is to allocate more spectrum for Aircraft to use. Commercial aviation has expanded rapidly especially in the budget airline area. I guess we’ve all benefited from this. So it’s possible that they need more spectrum and Thales are leading the way. 

Now I’m not saying that we should give up without a fight but I can’t see how we can win if we don’t start using 2 meters far more than we do now. 


Steve G0XAR

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