Re: QCX Party Another day besides Monday? #poll

Peter GM0EUL

Monday was originally decided by consensus and its also the only day I can do (a minor point in the great scheme of things).  It has also been in the FISTS, SKCC and CWops news letters and its on the WA7BNM contest calendar, QRPlabs website and 3830scores.  So its just becoming established and we'd be starting from scratch it it was moved from the last Monday.  An option might be to add in a second day per month on a different day/week.  It was decided to leave the weekends out because there is usually contest activity on and that means plenty of opportunity already to make contacts and work dx, by relying on the other fellow's kw and full-size 3-ele yagi!  On the flip side, contesters have little regard for the qrp frequencies and qcx to qcx would just get swamped. 

Incidentally, there is a world-wide week-long qrp event coming up from 1st to 7th July.  I hope you'll all join in and I look forward to working some of you then:


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