Re: Lost Package?

Alan de G1FXB

Hello Fabien,

On 27/06/2019 17:35, Fabien, F4IDL wrote:
Yes, I've consulted the shipping information page. The last updates I have are :
T??RKIYE, France (Yurt Disi), Send item to domestic location (Inb)
Votre envoi vient d'arriver en France.

As Hans has previously stated, the orders are sent using a normal airmail service, the tracking updates are provided out of courtesy by the parcel handlers and may appear out of sequence.
It's not promised to be real time tracking.

Two important points from your updates provided are:
PTT, the Turkish Postal carrier has delivered and processed the parcel to it's central hub, and handed over the package for collection to your nations Postal service.
Hans has little control what happens from now on, it's become the responsibility for the destination countries carrier or their appointed agent to arrange collection.
It's doubtful a French postal only carrier will charter an aeroplane especially to pick up your one parcel, they may wait until there is a number of packages that require collection.
It may travel on an indirect route to your country. Maybe it travels in the spare hold capacity of passenger aircraft where it becomes available.

Good news, you have an update indicating it was collected by your nations postal service and has arrived in the French mail hub for processing & onward delivery by the French postal system.

I guess the weird timing comes from different updates, but since this, nothing has changed. The order was shipped on 2019 06 03, so I'm still under the max time for delivery in France.

In fact, I just wanted to know if someone else in France had had such delays without nothing changing. And if someone else, more important, had the orange Alert warning sign. I don't know if I should wait some more time or anything else, and if anything else, what to do ?

Just sit back, the 13 days was an AVERAGE, not the longest time it has taken. That is also given on the shipping page, and subject to change out of Hans control.

Imagine the trepidation when you send pieces if equipment valued at two hundred thousand dollars around the world.
They ship in two packages, so twice the potential for error.
They all arrive, but sometimes a week apart.....

Be sure to send Hans an update when your package arrives, so he may update the shipping page to reflect your experience when he next has time.


Well, anyway, thank you for your answer Alan.

I hope someone will have experienced it and be able to tell me more.


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