Re: 40m AMMO CAN FINDS A NEW HOME & NEEDS ADVICE! #qcx #40m #antennalaunching

James Daldry W4JED

Hi, Steve

Try a 1 foot long piece of half inch plastic pipe with a cheap fishing reel and monofilament line and a Wrist Rocket slingshot with a one ounce fishing sinker attached to it. Will do 60 feet easily. Shoot it, jiggle the line until the sinker hits the ground, disconnect the sinker and use the line to pull a piece of Paracord back to the reel. Disconnect the Paracord from the fishing line, attach a clothesline pulley to the Paracord, put another length of Paracord through the pulley, pull the pulley to the top of the tree with the original Paracord piece. Tie piece 1 to a branch high enough to prevent "people problems". Take piece 2, attach an egg insulator, cut and tie it into a closed loop that almost reaches the ground. The first piece can now grow into the tree branch it is strung over without causing any problems. Attach the antenna wire and pull it up while walking back and forth to keep the wire from getting caught on treeĀ  limbs. Have fun.



On 6/20/19 3:05 PM, Steve Raas - N2JDQ - FN13DD wrote:
My 40M Ammo can QCX and I have found a new home (Well a second home) . 1.6 Acres in the Western VA Mountains. Its for sure no perfect location, but I have trees TALL TALL SCARY trees that tower over what seems everything, and lots of land.. as well as some ambition, however I only have a 6' step ladder! DOE!!! (Homer voice) What are you fellas using to launch fishing line up high to string antennas? And by high I mean HIGH..60+ feet. I been QRV a bit signing N2JDQ/4 but its just a low cloud burning dipole ..its time for some height! I do love my QCX, but a full QRO rig is in my near future..but dont fret, Ill never part with my QCX I absolutely love the thing!

-Steve Raas
N2JDQ/4 (At the moment)
Boonsboro, VA ( NW of Lynchburg )

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