Re: Random Wire and no tuner.

Bill Cromwell


I have been a fan of end fed wires and other antennas used in a multi-band role. That SWR of 1:1 for a 50 ohm load is not just to keep finals happy. I have also noticed that most of the radios don't care about that. What does care about that 50 ohm load is the output filters that are designed for a 50 ohm load. We are depending on those filters to keep our harmonics off the air. You do care about that don't you?

I have a lot of on-air hours with tube finals and pi output networks. My procedure was to tune up the pi-network into a 50 ohm dummy load, Then switch to the matcher (aka tuner) and show the (now) 50 ohm pi network the 50 ohm load it is set to. Whatever happens to the clean signal at the antenna end of the feedline enough of it escapes into the ether to be heard. So don't be too cavalier in dismissing the match between transmitter and feedline.


Bill KU8H

On 6/9/19 5:45 PM, John Kirby wrote:
98% end fed wire antenna since 1957
They work
Easy to hang
Easy to feed
Height not critical and slopers more directional than horizontal
Add a tuner (for 1:1 SWR) (if that's you thing)(most bands)
Wire lengths to avoid <>
72 73
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