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On Mon, Jun 3, 2019 at 05:04 PM, Viktors Miske KC8CKZ wrote:
But stage 2 of the project comes to mind, that radiating gizmo often referred to as an antenna. 

After a couple of years of struggle, frustration with getting sense about QRPp antenna design from so many self-ordained "experts" has caused me to walk away from ham radio as a bad job.  :(

And it's all about the antenna.

There is NO aspect of antenna design or application -- absolutely none -- that will not be persuasively contradicted by some other "expert."  This is no exaggeration.  If possible it's an understatement.

For a scientific subject presumably based in Physics, with absolute rights and wrongs, this realization was shocking and infinitely depressing.  Even the information from the ARRL is frequently contradictory.

I'm at an age where climbing trees and falling off the roof are not attractive pastimes.  I had hoped to do serious research, get a good antenna for my situation up properly on the first try, and then move on to the next step.  That never happened.  It was like hitting a brick wall.  It was like a bad dream.  It was like Kafka.

Instead of a subject demonstrating intellectual rigor, you get a hysterical uproar of superstition, augury and hearsay (all helpfully driven by deep emotional investment) passing as fact, which it is not.  All DKE, all the time.

"As Dunning has suggested, the very trouble with ignorance is that it can feel just like expertise."

Here, as just one random example of hundreds:  Is the optimum QRPp antenna installation different from the optimum general ham antenna installation for the same frequency?  Yes or no.  I've seen the arguments, some of which even sound persuasive.  Who's right? 

[shrug] WHO KNOWS?

So, the ~40' run of wire I stapled up down my hallway as a "temporary test" when I first powered up my U3S two years ago is still there  The U3S still runs 24/7 and I check the Internet occasionally to see if anything interesting has fallen into my virtual lobster pot.  Sometimes it has, usually not.  That's where my experiment began and ended.

Now, everyone will be furious with me for pointing all this out.  Just watch.

But they know it's true.

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