Re: WSPR Antenna

ajparent1/KB1GMX <kb1gmx@...>

I use decent antennas for everything as if its poor and nothing happens 
where is the problem?

So End fed half wave monoband so I know its pattern (like a centerfed dipole).

A long while back I experimented with WSPR on 40m and at about 15mW
of power it produced a number of hits across the pond.    Around that time
(same day about a few hours earlier) I also worked a VK foundation station
mobile QRP SSB on 40 so morning greyline propagation had to be really
good with an EIRP of maybe 400mW on my end and 10W into a dipole up
high at his end.  I found if the drift across a 10 minute span was a few HZ
it was good enough so long as it hit the middle of the other guys passband.

I'm rarely surprised how far a weak signal goes, but often shocked how
far a strong 100W signal doesn't go.  


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