Re: Keyer lags and hangs sometimes #qcx #problem

Peter Jacobi <peter.c.w.jacobi@...>

Hi Jens,

I have similar problems, when I have HF Backflow from a non symmetric antenna. Check whether you have the same problem with a dummy load. If not, It's HF. You can insert a choke (Mantelwellensperre) and the problem may disappear.

73 de Peter, DL4PJ

DG2FDD <dg2fdd@...> schrieb am Di., 28. Mai 2019, 10:27:

Hi all,

yesterday during the QCX-challenge, I noted that the keyer in my QCX40 seems not to work as it should: First, there seems to be a short lack between keypress and beginning of the beep (only in the range of 1/100th sec, barely noticeable, but still, I can "feel" it). Second, sometimes, the dit or dah comes quite a lot to late (at least a dit-length), just as if it was buffered and then played out.

My first guess was that maybe the S-meter generates a kind of timeslot for polling the state of the paddle, but deactivating the S-meter in the menu lead to no change. Second guess: bad contacts in the paddle. Cleaned them thoroughly (paper and contact solution). But that was not the problem – on a different trx (mchf), the paddle produces fault-free dit-dahs. I am not sure, if the QCX keyer always behaves like that, since it was my first serious use of it – straight key user until two-three weeks :-)

Anyone of you observed similar issues? Hints?

73 de Jens, DG2FDD

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