Re: Is the CLK0 pin of si5361a supposedly up to driving an HEF4013 direct?

Chris Wilson

Hello wb8yyy,

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Is the gate capacitance too high for up to 950kHz driven by the
si5351a? The U3S will be in X2 mode for driving a Class D amp.Just a
thought, and thank you for your very fast reply. I see mention of
SN74AHCT1G125 when Googling which might be a better device, albeit I
would need a breakout board tto use one

Best regards,
Chris 2E0ILY mailto:chris@...

wvGI> Chris

wvGI> Your results seem to indicate that you have a good solution,
wvGI> possibly its doing the same function. If you have a scope,
wvGI> measure it. If not, your output power tells the story.

wvGI> BS170 are electrically similar to 2n7000, and they are
wvGI> preferred since bs170 can handle higher dissipation.

wvGI> Curt

Best regards, Chris Wilson (2E0ILY)

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