Re: Where can I buy floater balloon? (Using Hydrogen)


Well almost.  He is also a byproduct of some nuclear reactions.  But of course we don't run nuclear reactions just to create He...

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On May 22, 2019, at 3:48 PM, Joe Street <racingtheclouds@...> wrote:

It isn't a matter of the 'atomic radius' the leak rate is a function of atomic mass.  Helium being 4 times as heavy as elemental hydrogen, twice as heavy as H2.  Helium is also a finite resource on this planet.  Earth hasn't got enough gravity to contain it and as it gains energy in the ionosphere it reaches escape velocity and it's gone....  I don't for the life of me understand why it hasn't always been illegal to just squander it.

On Wed, May 22, 2019 at 1:38 PM Joe WB9SBD <nss@...> wrote:
ya missed the E-Mail about H2 being much larger than HE did we?

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On 5/22/2019 12:34 PM, Rick Riddle wrote:
The only problem with H is that as a mono molecule is that there is not much that can contain it for long.
H seeps out between the molecules of the bladder holding it, so a balloon won't last for long. Using a double balloon 
will be better. Personally, I would use pure Helium, as it is a slightly larger atom, and safer, do not use an air mix. It
must be pure. It will last longer and still give you the lift you need.
Just my Chemistry 2 cents. Good Luck which ever way you go.

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