Re: U3S Output #u3s

Vernon Matheson

Allison thanks… I guess I may have worded the note not quite right.


I am looking to have the same output from each band to drive an amp.


Presently my single BS170 will give me say 125mW on 10m and 350mW on 80m into a dummy load and that is with the bias the same for both bands.


I would like to be able to have say 200mW output from each one with the same bias setting into a dummy load.


I believe I can change the # of turns on the 25 turn toroid but I do not have the knowledge of anything else that can be changed.


My current problem is that if I run the U3S and amp with the 10m settings it’s far too much when you get to the lower bands and I have to keep changing everything.


Almost need 2 different setups.







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