Re: Experiments with #Progrock Follow-up #progrock



I use a Tentec 6n2 with amps for most of the 6 and 2M activity also a FT817
for the 432 with amp.  For contesting a HB trx I call Crunchproof a very high
dynamic range transceiver for 6m, uses analog phasing in a hybrid superhet
framework and all analog.  Another flier ring also HB in the truck for 6M SSB
action. The backup radios included IC245, and  a KLM linerII (based on a
SBE CB chassis with transverter) and that's a decent 5W radio for 2m
(covers .100 to .340) though people tend to look at it oddly it has a
decent RX and clean TX.

HF includes a Argonaut 505 (QRP!) for 80 through 10, a Triton and a an
Eagle.  Also other like Atlas 210 and a moded one.

All odd gear finds me.


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