Re: QCX-SSB: SSB with your QCX transceiver

Kārlis Goba

I wonder why this slipped under my radar when searching for new takes on the old Kahn's approach:

"In this article, we describe the motivation for and execution of a 55-W SSB transmitter that employs: DSP to generate "baseband" envelope and phase modulation signals; a class D amplifier to increase the envelope signal amplitude for application to the drain of the class E amplifier MOSFET; a quadrature digital upconverter (QDUC) chip to produce the phase modulation gate drive at the carrier frequency.

Of almost equal importance, we demonstrate means of correcting the AM-AM and AM-PM conversion errors in the amplifier system to reduce third-order intermodulation products to the range of -40dBc."

The authors say they have accomplished even more since publishing:

Karlis YL3JG

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