FW: CW Beacon Message Text ( continuous )

Vernon Matheson

I found my answer to my post…thank you.


From: Vernon Matheson [mailto:vmath@...]
Sent: Friday, May 10, 2019 12:32 AM
To: QRPLabs@groups.io
Subject: CW Beacon Message Text ( continuous )


Here is what I want to send…Hans had given me a command to enter at the end to insert a tone for however many seconds you want and for the life of me I cannot remember it or find where I wrote it down so I wouldn’t lose it LOL!!!


The text and tone would then be set to run in whatever frame time I choose.




VVV VVV VVV de VA1VM/B VA1VM/B VA1VM/B FN85IJ FN85IJ K _____________Tone______________________

ß______________say 20 seconds TX ___________________________________________________________><_____________40 seconds idle___________>





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