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Hans Summers

Hi Jody

The first of those I agree, it needs doing and would be very helpful. I notice it too. And sometimes when I double-left-click to adjust RIT, I forget to press the left button again... then I come to my turn to transmit and the key does nothing! That's annoying too though I soon remember why so it's only a short delay. This change will be useful and should be easy. It's on my list...

The second of those, tuning indication... would be very nice but I suspect not easy. Remember the QCX has a humble 20MHz 8-bit ATmega328. How much program memory is available, and how to implement limited FFT fast enough for a tuning indicator... is an interesting and challenging question. I don't say impossible. Just not very easy.

QSX, KX3, K3 etc all have much more powerful DSP processors inside. This feature will be in the QSX for sure. I will have to contemplate more carefully how (or if) to achieve it on QCX.

73 Hans G0UPL 

On Thu, May 9, 2019, 22:20 Jody - K3JZD <k3jzd.jody@...> wrote:
1.   I would like to see an option to allow me to Transmit while the RIT Offset is still being displayed on the second line (when the RIT has been activated by a double click of the left button).  Whenever I had this feature enabled, that would override the Send and/or Receive CW Decoding on that second line if I had either of those enabled also.  Rationale: Whenever doing weak signal work, it is often necessary to do frequent retuning to pull out the received station's signal.   Having the RIT always available whenever receiving would facilitate that.

2.   I would like to see a 'CW Tuning Aid', with an option to display that 'CW Tuning Aid' at the right side of Line 1 instead of the battery voltage there (much like the CWT feature on the K3/KX3).  Rationale: I am not that good at manually matching the tone of the received station to my sidetone.  Thus I frequently do not zero beat the calling station as good as I would like to.

I realize the focus is now on getting the QSX out the door.  However I offer these firmware change items as a 'would be nice to have someday'.

Jody - K3JZD   (QCX-40)

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