Re: Soldering suggestions

geoff M0ORE

I'm using a Weller TC65, 45 Watt, 50 volts. Best iron I've ever had. Plenty of spare tips and a spare switch and element if I need them. Use it for everything from brass enclosures to SMD chips by just changing the tip.

On 08/05/2019 17:56, ajparent1/KB1GMX wrote:
My preferred is a Weller WES51also temperature controlled.  Not cheap but 
it works well for me.

My collection of irons go back to the Weller TCP60 that used curie point control 
that was pretty good for its day.  Its long since extinct.  I still use it as it can put
enough heat into a PL259 connector to solder the shell.

Biggest issue is as stated not enough or too much heat followed by not enough
thermal mass.  The ones that get too hot tend to burn up tips or worse everything
it touches.

The other detail  is quality solder,  63/37 kester-44 in .030 is a good start.


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