Re: QCX future?

Kelly Jack

On Thu, May 2, 2019 at 08:13 AM, Nick VK4PP wrote:
Just wondering, could the QCX do 2m? with the correct adjustments?

I have a local ham interested in CW, but lives in an apartment...

So very space limited for antenna, might be able to do a 6m or 10m  1/4 wave.... or vert dipole...

73 Nick VK4PP

 Nothing definitive from me but I think tx is doable with lpf and tx inductor change and probably need pa transistor change to get more power out.

Receive issues include not enough gain in the front end and a query on whether the fst3253 will switch fast enough for vhf. Bpf change also.

There are other antenna options like mag loop if antenna size is the issue. Also not sure there is much cw action on 2 or 6 at least in vk. I have a mag loop that fits in the house that tunes to 40m and one of the online calculators says its 12% efficient or 1.5 s points down  (better on higher bands) but manually tuning it is time consuming and it works much better outside the house based on wspr tests. I think this is going to be true though of any antenna. Maybe its more of an antenna options issue than a band issue particularly if they are interested in getting on a band where there is some cw activity as opposed to vhf specifically.


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