Re: QCX tuning rate adjust


Searching the archives here will provide lots of insight.

Some have changed the caps in the LPF to better caps. I used silver
mica. Use the same values.
Others have changed the number of turns on the toroids in the LPF.
Still others have done both.

I got to 2.5 watts out on 20m by just changing the caps to silver
mica's. If I recall though my original power was close to 2w.

I would say that if you can get to 2-2.5 watts you've done good.


On Mon, Apr 29, 2019 at 5:31 PM Lloyd K3ESE <@K3ESE> wrote:

Well, I was using my WM-2 wattmeter, but reading it wrong. Actual power out send to be 1.64W.

What, if anything, can I try to increase that?

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