Re: QCX-SSB: SSB with your QCX transceiver


There is degraded then and there is totally unintelligable.  I have only heard the latter.
When I put it on the the first time the best description was sounds like SSB
with excess compression through a bad class C linear.  I can claim I made a
few contacts but the audio was considered very very bad and in one case 
the response was " I can hear you but your distorted, I can't get your call
try again later OM.".  I called him back on my other low power rig (KNQ7A)
and got a Q5 copy and we talked about what I had been doing.  I was
talking to a station about 1000KM during that session.

I checked the example youtube and that's not all that good. I could not easily pull
out the call from that.

So far its not much better.  I'll experiment more but its not a signal I'd put on the air.


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