Re: I ordered a replacement QCX kit.

Joe Cotton

I agree with Curt M, and I measured each resistor before inserting, checking (like Santa) everything twice.  I really can not read the color code anymore.  Before starting, I organized all the parts into groups where each group was the same type and value.  Then, I happily found that the Manual has me inserting parts by groups of same type and value.  I also measured the caps, having a cheap cap/coil tester.  And double check the correct location.  I managed to mis-place only one part in my construction, and I realized it when I needed those holes for another part... Oh well.  And I needed to add the five turns to T1.  I would change the manual to add the extra five, then make allowance to bypass, because it is easier to remove turns than to add.  I am happy to say that my build worked right away without any other mods.  I bought the commercial enclosure and hope to be taking the rig out on SOTA and such this year.   
Bottom line is to measure each part before inserting, check twice before soldering.  Think of it as a classroom "test".  But if you don't get 100%, you fail.  And there are over 100 parts to solder, I think.  
73, Joe W3TTT

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