Re: Balloon

Mikael Dagman

The tracker is the same as the last two, 5.75gram total weight under a streached clear cheap Chinese 36" (34" realy) balloon tx:in wspr and qrss, the only new on this flight is that Im turning off the GPS during tx to save some power and by doing that Im getting longer runtime per day/sun angle (about 13° up/off), I might have pushed it a bit to far as the gps is only on for about 40sec in the end of every 10min seq which have resulted in a couple of days without gps look but qrss have worked very well those days. 
It was released 18th of April and have made just over halv a lap around the globe

It should wake up over state of washington in about 3-4 hours if all goes well

we habers hang in irc on highaltitude channel, you can temporary use a web browser to see whats happening, some days it can be quite calm but other days more to chatt about, you find it here
also some news in here :!forum/ukhas


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