Re: QLG1 - Simple connection to PC USB Serial port

Alan G4ZFQ

to connect a QLG1 RS232 serial port to.... The QLG1 output is *not* RS232,
it is 5v and TTL and will at least need to be inverted to feed it to a PC.

Thanks Ken:-)
It does get more difficult to be certain about polarity when USB adaptors are concerned.
A USB UART takes TTL from most modern GPS modules. A RS232 adaptor probably does not.

If you see absolute gibberish with HyperTerminal then Ken will be correct, the Data line will have to be inverted. You should see NMEA messages which are almost gibberish but look as if they are telling you something.
Far better and easier is to get a UART. I've got all mine from Ebay for example for a little more you will probably find a UK stockist.

73 Alan G4ZFQ

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