Re: FT8 for U3?

Paul WB6CXC (tech-blog:

Almost forgot -- in order to do this APRS stuff you need some JS8 stations set up to forward (via the internet) any received JS8 messages that contain the APRS flag.  I don't know how many JS8 stations do this now (you need an easy-to-get APRS password), but I have three 24/7 JS8 30-meter receive-only APRS gateway stations up and running: WB6CXC/6 in northern California, WB6CXC/7 in Washington state, and WB6CXC/FIN in Finland. You can usually see these on pskreporter.  The station uses a RPi, an RTL-SDR, and a few other bits, and the cost (less antenna) was under $100.  Details here:
Paul Elliott - WB6CXC

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