Re: A somewhat more complete description of my (ab)use of the QCX-17 and QCX-80 transceivers


Greetings from sunny South Africa Bill :-) 

VERY interesting report back from your QCX adventures! Many thanks for sharing - I for one sincerely appreciate, thank you.

Sooooooo, I have yet to start construction of my QCX - 30 for a number of reasons including collection of all hardware and metal bashing I have planned for the enclosure (which is a di-cast aluminium case). Reading your posts I am now wondering if perhaps could be of value to purposely make change to intended filter (switched maybe? Need to revisit schematic) and include a selectable output filter / atu arrangement (case has space as intended to include internal batteries)? Having a MULTI band QCX is VERY appealing <BIG smile>.

Will appreciate your (and any one else who cares to chime in) feedback /  comments as I suspect will many others...

Keep the feedback coming, it is making for an interesting read :-) 


Nigel ZS6RN ex G8DEV 

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