Re: Kit shipping


You think that *you guys* have a shipping story !
I ordered one each QCX-80 & QCX-17 back around the autumn of 2017.
At that time, they were kitted in Japan.
As I recall, delivery time was about three weeks.
I dragged my feet for several weeks after delivery...
After a heart attack and a stroke, followed by triple bypass surgery, the 'Small Packet' from Japan sat, unopened, on a workbench for a year and a half...
But, don't worry, I'm back in great shape now !
eh? What's that, Dear? Oh, please excuse me for a few moments, fellas...
The wife had me join her to finishing watching 'Just like Heaven', starring Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo...nice flick !
Ok, I'm back.
Martha asked me in '17 if I'd let her keep those Japanese stamps..."Of course", I replied.
So, anyway, fast forward to Spring 2017.
I met my new ham friend, Bill, AF4YF from Patrick County, Virginia on 80 CW a few months ago.
Soon thereafter, Bill & I had lunch together and I invited him to our home to see my stuff...
At some point, I said to Bill "Have I got a deal for you !".
So, I told Bill that the QCX-80 kit was his, provided that he would build the QCX-17 for me.
He agreed!
Oh, yeah, a couple of months ago, I ordered an assembled QCX-80 from Hans' outfit in Turkey.
That order also took a couple of weeks to arrive...WELL worth the wait!
Once again, Martha gets the stamps, this time, from Turkey.
And, the rest, as they say, is history !
72 / 73,
Bill, N4QA

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