U3S - xmit frequency is 200 Hz higher than indicated on display

John Canfield <bucket@...>

First off, my apologies if this has been answered/discussed/in the manual. Some kind soul emailed me saying I was transmitting 100Hz outside of the WSPR frequency range on 30M, I always thought I didn't get very many reports due to my antenna, etc. I dropped my xmit frequency by 100Hz which put me right at the top of the WSPR range and started getting a bunch of reports. I dropped the frequency another 100 Hz (200 Hz in total) which put me right in the middle of 30M WSPR. Now I'm getting >= 20 spots every hour.

This U3S has a GPS that is successfully talking to the U3S and I was under the impression that with the attached GPS, there was no need to fiddle with the oscillator frequency. I could lower the oscillator frequency by 200 Hz but then what's the point of having the attached GPS? What don't I understand here? Again - sorry if this is a dumb question.
John, WB5THT

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