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Mike Strelitzer <mstrelitzer@...>

I'm in SE Wisconsin, near Milwaukee, and mine took 17 days, if I remember correctly. Just a frame of reference for those wondering.

On Sun, Apr 14, 2019, 10:46 AM Bill Cromwell <wrcromwell@...> wrote:

I have a couple of kits coming here in the Great Lakes region USA. I see
the kits left Turkey a while back and nothing beyond that. I just have
to wait. Not everything carries "instant gratification". It took me 72
years to order the kits. A few more days one way or the other will not
matter at all.


Bill  KU8H

On 4/14/19 10:43 AM, Hans Summers wrote:
> Yes unfortunately standard international package tracking in UK isn't
> very good compared to nearly every other country. But the packages will
> still arrive just fine, be patient for them sometimes!
> 73 Hans G0UPL
> On Sun, Apr 14, 2019, 17:34 geoff M0ORE via Groups.Io
> < <>> wrote:
>     Hi Dennis,
>     Don't know which part of the world you are in but looking at your
>     time of posting, I think you maybe a few degrees east of Turkey.
>     Here in the UK, the kits I have purchased show item leaving Turkey
>     and then arriving at UK customs at the Royal Mail warehouse at
>     Heathrow then nothing until the package drops through the letter
>     box. This can take several days just in the UK.
>     On 14/04/2019 14:41, Hans Summers wrote:
>>     Hi Dennis
>>     The tracking will (in most countries) also be updated in the
>>     destination country, once it clears customs. There can be a
>>     variable delay for that to happen. See also the information on
>> and
>>     73 Hans G0UPL
>>     On Sun, Apr 14, 2019, 16:31 dkwflight <dkwflight@...
>>     <mailto:dkwflight@...>> wrote:
>>         The tracking number only shows the status in Turkey.
>>         It showed the kit was forwarded to the destination country on
>>         April 10.  I have to be patient.
>>         Thanks
>>         Dennis

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