Re: Panadapter #qcx

Simon Kennedy

Hi Michael,

I've tried it from IC5 pins 1 and 7 and it did seem to be baseband audio at that point. I got at least 0 to 24kHz bandwidth feeding my homebrew panadaptor. It was a little experiment into 'what if' rather than anything else so I didn't pursue it.  However, just looking at the circuit diagram it is meant to be DSB at that point so I wonder if it really is baseband audio there.

Be interested to know.

73 Simon

On Wed, 10 Apr 2019, 04:54 Michael Bridak, <michael.bridak@...> wrote:
Hello, I was thinking that an add-on pan adapter would be a fun project to try.
And knowing just enough to know that I know nothing about this, I thought I'd ask what may be a "simple" question.
Can I get I&Q from pins 1 and 7 from IC5 of the QCX to feed an external pan adapter?
And is it Analog baseband at these pins?
And what's the bandwidth?
and is QSX coming out during hamvention or FDIM, Wink Wink Nudge Nudge say no more.

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