WSPR with the QCX - getting the time right #wspr #160m

Joe Cotton

I was wondering what this WSPR thing is. . . And so, I set up for WSPR operating.  Left it on all night with battery powered.  It died sometime during and I found that the clock needs reset.  So one good contact and wspr.  Not bad. 

Question to the group. I think that it is enough for WSPR operations to just set the QCX clock to be on the minute . . . I don't need the correct time? I mean, I set the parameters to transmit WSPR every 10 minutes, on the nines.  But I could have set it to transmit every 10 minutes on the fives or the threes or on any number minute.   But wouldn't be ok to just set the rig time to any time at all, as long as the seconds were in sync with WWV or other time standard?

I do this, by turning on the QCX three seconds before zero seconds.  The rig boots, and the time is accurate.  It goes right into WSPR.  

73, Joe Cotton W3TTT

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