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Casey Halverson


Thank you for the kind words :) We have been doing a lot of experimentation with high powered LoRa lately, which we have been writing a few blog posts about. Also, we have a tiny version of the HamShield which should make the HAB and cubesat people happier (the mini will be in a couple of satellites soon). I am sure by next year, I might have some good material for you folks at MDC. I am back east now (Cape May, NJ), but frequently travel back to Seattle for family. 

I mainly ask these questions, not to play cop, but because I really want to put some of my lighter stuff up in a balloon without getting in trouble. I am also fascinated (and a little bit jealous) over the cost, size and durations of these ballon launches on this list. Our local airspace is extremely dead on situated on the Atlantic ocean, other than aircraft directly above at cruise. I figured that it wouldn't be much of a hazard for long.

Thanks for the references on the list, i'll go look those up. 


On Mon, Mar 25, 2019 at 6:50 PM G Hopper <kb7wsd@...> wrote:

There have been a couple of discussions over the years regarding legal issues both here in the US and world wide here in the forum.  As a lawyer, a ham, and an experimenter, I tend to keep track of those discussions even when I don't participate because they come in handy both for personal interest as well as professionally (there's some amount of aviation overlap in my practice here in the shadow of Boeing.)  If you want to search the forum, you'll find several excellent discussions.

Among threads that touch on the topic(s) are "U3S10 launch fail" from May of 2017, with Joe WB9SB's post #14326 under the title "U3S10 launch fail & not being a killjoy" being a good summary that doesn't involve getting bulled by a lawyer :-)   "The Darkest Day of the Year coming(for Balloons)" is another one with much amusement contained within (beware of frozen chickens ;-) and "HF beacons for US launched balloons" is another long thread with information.  I note with some amusement that most all the discussions of this type seem to start around this time of year.  I shall add this one to my list!

As an aside, I was discussing you (well you and your hamshield) at the MDC Saturday and when I took a moment to go to the site to confirm some data, I was blown away by the new items there.  Awesome work!  Might have to get you back to the MDC soon!


On Mon, Mar 25, 2019 at 3:11 PM Casey Halverson <spaceneedle@...> wrote:
All this garbage talk aside, do you have a write up on the type of weather balloon you are using? As well as the regulations for small balloon launches? I take it that the components are small enough to where release mechanisms, radar reflectors, etc. are not required?  

Are you having a NOTAM posted or is it small enough to where that is not necessary?

I have been following this list for a while, but I haven't seen any specifics posted -- excuse me if I am asking obvious questions. 


On Mon, Mar 25, 2019 at 8:49 AM VE3KCL <airdry@...> wrote:
A U3B balloon has never managed to fly around the world twice before, and now -25 is on it's 3rd lap, over Egypt at the moment.
The greatest distance that has ever been logged on one of these flights is now at 82000km... quite good mileage for  90 cents worth of hydrogen.
It is quite possible that this flight longevity may be related to timing ... this time of the year has high winds and less high clouds, which ice up balloons.
... or more likely some very good luck.
73 Dave 

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