Re: Balloon breaking previous records U3B-25


At the risk of prolonging this thread, I will reluctantly add in my $0.02.

For those of you involved in pico-ballooning who are concerned about the generation of garbage, I offer up
the following suggestions.

Since it is not feasible to clean up the waste generated by your own balloon, then why not commit to cleaning up
someone else's waste?

If we agree that the biggest risk is to waterways since that is the likely place your balloon will end up then why not 
commit a day per year to volunteer with a group that does local waterway cleanups. I can guarantee that they won't turn
you away as they can never have too many volunteers. While you are at it, invite your friends and family to join in,
make a day of it, get some exercise and have fun. Get your grandchildren to help in your local community park spring cleanup and
if one doesn't exist then organize it.

I know that this isn't the same as not generating the waste in the first place, but it is way for you to leave things better off than they were.


Michael VE3WMB 

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