Re: How to support coax in inverted-V setup?

Steve Raas - N2JDQ - FN13DD

Hello Jim,  I realize this is a bit of a dated post,  but wanted to share. I recently built a 'center insulator' for my QCX 40, made from 1.5" OFC and flat end caps, SO239, stainless hardware for the legs of antenna, and a zinc eye bolt in the top. My plans are a flat top low dipole at 7' in the back yard, but wanted the ability to hang it up high for possible portable work. All holes were sealed with silicone, and internals soldered & used heat shrink where applicable. It was a little tough to  get it all together, but for literally 8 dollars in parts, I think it's tough to beat. Some photos below.
Used ring terminals from so239 to stainless as well. And the wire used was some romex scrap. Once everything was test fit properly, PVC cemented it together, let it fully cure 24 hours, then siliconed the joints for a bit more protection. Overkill for me, as I dont plan on leaving the antenna up when not in use. (In theory anyways hihi)

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