Re: Finished 40m QCX. Heard Morse on first try, but not since then.

Joe Cotton

So far, so good.  Just to get anything at all on your first kit attempt is great.  Now don't give up on your QCX kit. 
You should get a 50 ohm dummy load, and any time you are testing your transmitter, you won't burn up a final (3) transistor.  
It is just a 50 ohm five watt resistor, attached to a antenna connector.  You can use 5 resistors of ten ohm each in series, or five 250 ohms in parallel, what ever adds up to 50 ohms. 
Now here is a hint.  Buy one of those very cheap Pixie kits on eBay.  Build it.  It would give you a second transceiver to compare to your QCX.  Plus, you could key the transmitter in the pixie to check the QCX and not depend on outside signals, and key the QCX and listen on the pixie.  BTW, a pixie can be had for less than $3.  It is very useful for checking your other rigs.  I built just the oscillator part as a crystal checker.  Remember to have a dummy load attached to the antenna terminals of the pixie when you transmit.  attach a foot or two of wire to the hot antenna side of the dummy load if you want signals to "leak" in or out.  
Also, you can connect your pixie to the antenna to see if there arre any signals on 7.023-6 MHz.To check the antenna.  
I see from that you are near Portland, OR.  I am sure that there are some ham clubs there.  Try contacting a club and see if you can get some help there.  

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