U3S FSKCW wave form 'jitter'



Hi all

One of my u3S as been working great since it was put into service only a month or so ago,but I have never really been happy with the waveform when I compare it to others that I see, its only a little thing and you need to look close to see it but it has little steps sometimes in the freq (very small part of a hert about 1/10th I guess but other peoples traces are nice and clean , mine isn’t I think, I have 3 different synth modules to try, one standard, one txco and one txco with a heater fault but still doesn’t drift at all, I must say on all of them I get no drift reports on WSPR after 30mins or so , its just I would like my FSKCW trace to be nice and clean like others I see, what could be the problem, I have a 40m one on the same PSU and that runs great with a very clean waveform with its standard synth module.

Anyone any ideas? In the past I have killed a few BS170’s on this board but that was my fault and they have all been swapped out and power out is fine.

73 Paul M0BMN


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