It's Alive! It's alive! #qcx


So I was kinda bummed out last night as I was hearing exactly - << nada >> after going through the alignment features in the QCX. So  just to make sure it wan't my antenna (vertical dipole into 32' of ladder line and a 9:1 balun) I got out my trusty MFJ-Cub 40 which is always sparkling with CW, PSK31 etc, plus my trusty MFJ-971 (which with my SWL-PSK-20 is responsible for 10, 1000-mile-per watt awards :) brag brag!) - but  again - nada. Wow! - I thought my tenny was busted or something so called it a night. :(  <-- note poopy face.

So this morning I decided to do it again but take my trusty MFJ antenna tuner out of the mix and Wham! Caught K1NVY on 14021.3 But my decoder is not dialed in yet so I thought "hmmm - I'll send the audio over to my (yep you guessed it - trusty) Raspberry Pi and fire up FLDigi and see what we get. Well - alot!

So see, you can use trusty old stuff to diagnose - soon-to-be-trusty new stuff and if that fails then call in the trusty - Raspberry Pies!! Notice the lack of the words Icom, Yaesu, Kenwood, hehe!

Oh and I was wondering if I got my Ceramic Disk cap and center frequency set correctly (critical) and dialing around here and there when I hear some Thor on 14076.3! So I google "Thor 20 meters" and Dang! 14076.3 is the exact calling frequency on 20m!! Kewl!

Now to actually get to sending with the very nice keyer - built into the QCX! 

Anyway hope you enjoy my "plodcast" as I slog through this. And thanks Hans for an excellently designed product, documentation that borders on "white paper" and learning experience!

Piece - 73


Robert Thomas, KC4NYK
Richmond, VA 23229

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