Re: Balloon


Hi Mikael,
I pointed my Bird-Yagi-Uda west this morning to have the best chance of receiving this balloon.  I'm happy to see that I'm picking it up!  I tuned my VFO up 150 Hz so that SA6BSS would be at the bottom edge of the decode band where my radio (Drake R8B) gives better S/N.  That means my frequency reports are low by 150 Hz.  WSJT is also decoding what is probably the 2nd line with altitude and other information in it.  It uploads to the server as callsigns QU1GAK, QP1URS, QL1IOA, QI1JYH.  Can one convert these "spots" into the altitude and battery data using these lines the way presents them?  Or does one have to use a special version of WSJT at the receiver?
Halden, VE7UTS

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