Re: QCX QSO Party 25th Feb 2019 #qcx #qrp-dx


Hi all, I have a question: can I take part in QCX QSO Party with my QCX/20 mts and my HyGain TH7DX??? Or only with a dipole???

Juan Herrera HK6J

Juan Herrera
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El 26/02/2019, a la(s) 8:26 a. m., ajparent1/KB1GMX <kb1gmx@...> escribió:

I listened at various times the one thing that stands out is that while people
have VFO that big knob is apparently a scary thing.

At one point:
Listening on 7030khz I heard not less than 15 people and all within maybe 200hz. 
I could not copy any of them even with the big rig down to 100hz as they were
just one big pile.   Went plus .5khz heard 3, +1khz heard only 1!  Going down it
was not much better.  Under 7026 was nearly dead with a few widely spaced stations.
I found gaps greater than 1khz wide with not one signal in the 7020 to 7040 range.
Below 7020 its was pretty sparse.

As a result I didn't even try.  Lots of signals all trying to be on 7030 like they
were crystal controlled.  The upside was an amazing amount of activity
and the range of call fragments included a few likely listed.


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