Re: 2nd VHF Super Confernece: Call for Papers/Presentations #antenna #vhf #uhf


When a post can be construed as not *obviously* relevant, it's polite to add a rider as to how to
it might be. Others are capable of doing it. In this case a mention of U3S owners, who might have
used their rigs for something interesting to talk about at the conference wouldn't go amiss.

And then to cap it all, all the post generates is screamingly obvious unrelated QRP Labs posts.

Stop wasting peoples bandwidth with this abuse.

There's far too much of it these days, what with people trying to sell old Ten Tec rigs, broken
Pixe rigs and other stuff.

QRP Labs groups should a a space for QRP Labs products, NOT a generic space for anything QRP related.

There are plenty of other groups for that.

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