Re: QSX: What will happen if and when the kit is available? #qsx

geoff M0ORE

Don't forget the hundreds of man hours to write the instruction manual!!!

On 2/20/2019 6:48 PM, KEN G4APB via Groups.Io wrote:
The last post with a projected date was in Jan 2019;

The final slide from that Norfolk talk says: "Availability: 2-3 months (hopefully)"

I assume that is for the initial single band version of the QSX.
And now in this forum, he says the multiband option will be a couple months or so
after the initial single band kit.

So, we have to wait....
10% of the time to develop 90% of the design, 90% of the time to develop the last 10% of the design, then comes the time to shoot all the engineers and start production.....(my last company policy hihi)
73 Ken G4apb 

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