Re: Replacement part for IC4 #fst3253

Shirley Dulcey KE1L

Those parts on Mouser must have been snapped up. When I look now all I
see is the TSSOP version. Ham suppliers and eBay sellers may continue
to offer the SOIC for a while, but in the long run designs are going
to have to switch to the smaller package.

Fortunately for builders of the QCX and future QRP Labs products, Hans
already supplies the boards with the surface mount ICs pre-installed.
Switching to TSSOP will require a board redesign but will have no
effect on building the rig. But it could be a pain for people who need
to replace that part on older rigs; the price is likely to increase as
the supply dwindles.

On Wed, Feb 6, 2019 at 8:58 AM Jim Kortge <jim.k8iqy@...> wrote:

On 2/5/2019 6:41 PM, Wes wrote:
Pretty good price Jim, I paid 53.5 cents each, but $8 in shipping
from Mouser. Course, I bought some other bits-n-bobs that were not
available on the Parts Place.
When I found out that part was going to be discontinued, I bought a
decent stock of them for experiments.

I need to get my browser bookmarks a little better organized so I
don't need to rely on Google searches so much. The Parts Place did
not appear during my search. And I had completely forgotten about
it. This getting old stuff sure isn't for the faint-of-heart!!
I've never bought from the Parts Place. Like you, I forget he is in

I finally got it all I can't remember where I put it<
VY 73,


Sierra Vista, AZ
GL with you building and experiments.


Jim, K8IQY

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