Re: Replacement part for IC4 #fst3253


Thanks to all for the suggestions. This unit took some kind of hit, the 74ACT00 was shorted, along with several other components damaged. I cut the 5V trace right at the last via to the VCC pin on the 3253, so it was tested completely isolated from the circuit. To quell all worries, I have been working the service bench since 1969. SMD repair is a pain, but thank goodness for magnifiers!!! If I can get a new part I will cut this old one out pin by pin.
Now what would be of greatest help is if someone has a source for the SOIC 3253. Hate have to send this unit back to the owner as a transmitter only.
> I finally got it all I can't remember where I put it<

VY 73,


Sierra Vista, AZ


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