ProgRock register report broken


Everything was working fine, things looked like the operations manual said it should.  Then I tinkered with some of the circuitry, working toward connecting to the Receiver Module.

Now, things are mostly okay, with the exception of the "?" command, which now produces a semi-broken report (see attached file).  I can still set and query individual registers.  I thought it might be the result of some timing misalignment, so I put a delay in the loop reading from the ProgRock, which resulted in an earlier deterioration of the register listing.

I'm using an Arduino Uno to communicate with the serial output of the ProgRock, showing the output in the Arduino IDE serial monitor as well as a 4x40 LCD, at 9600 baud, with CR only for end-of-line, my sketch is using the SoftwareSerial library for communication with the LCD.

Have I tweaked the microcontroller on my ProgRock or does this sound like a communication problem?  

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