Re: QCX-SSB: SSB with your QCX transceiver

Kārlis Goba

This isn't really a contender in means of _generating_ a SSB signal. There are much easier methods to do that, e.g. with a quadrature modulator with two (I and Q) audio signals generated by a MCU. I'm pretty sure that's what QSX will do, and what modern transmitting SDRs do (except for the ones that can run their DACs directly in the RF band).

There is no need to filter sidebands anymore with crystal filters etc. Those days are gone.

Guido's method is not much simpler in terms of generation (due to probable source of many errors that might jeopardize TX quality beyond what is allowed for a SSB signal on air), but rather a neat hack of existing hardware. What it stands out is that it allows for a simple and efficient amplification.

Karlis YL3JG

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