Re: New Sick 40M QCX

Don Huffstetler <wa6ouw@...>

It is version 4

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Good day Don;
  Which circuit board version do you have?  (printed lower right corner
of the board).

Kurt - W2MW

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Subject: [QRPLabs] New Sick 40M QCX
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Subject: New Sick 40M QCX

  Happy New Year QRPers in the Group!

Bought and assembled my Christmas present which was a QCX /40M that came
from Turkey with a chassis kit!

I assembled it over the holidays and was so disappointed in the outcome.

With power, dummy load, keyer paddle and earphone in place I turned on
my power supply (RS-7, 5 Amp, 13.8V) and got a

Big Bright LCD with nothing but white squares on it.  I know R47 is in
play because it goes from the squres to a

blank screen when I try to adjust. The kit is a Rev 4 and the 28 pin/IC2
is Version F

I did everything mentioned in the QCX/Trouble, but nothing changed. I
even looked for shorts on IC1.  After checking all the pins

including reflowing the pins/pads, it almost looks like the 28 pin is
dead, not responding or not communicating.

I am not a Electrical Engineer, but I do own and run with kit building

experience since joining NorCal in 1994.  I will contiinue to look at
this problem and hope that I

have a break thru..................


Don Huffstetler

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