Re: Band choice QCX

Paul Harrison

Hey Jim,

Now you have scared me, what is a "brain f**t"? i have never heard of this, is it contagious? 

Paul DJ0CU

On Wed, Jan 2, 2019, 21:26 James Daldry W4JED <jim@... wrote:

Hi, Luc

I ordered an 80 meter kit and built it using the 40 meter instructions. I now have a 40 meter radio. The differences are the capacitors in the LPF, whether the BPF trimmer gets a parallel capacitor, and the number of turns on the coils. I had wanted the 40 meter, but had a brain f**t while ordering. Happens occasionally when you are past 70 years old.

Jim Daldry W4JED

On 1/2/19 11:22 AM, LUC VLECKEN wrote:
Hello to the group,

I am about to start on a QCX (ordered for 60m band).
Question: is it preprogrammed only for one particular band? Or can it be altered to another band by its settings (and the according caps and values for the coils then naturally).

Thanks in advance for your reply
and kind regards and all the best for 2019 to all!

Luc Vlecken ON4ALV

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