Re: New QCX arrived

Peter GM0EUL

OK, good news!  I replaced the volume pot with a 4.7K linear from my junk box and all my problems seem to be solved.  QCX is now a pleasure to use and the Tx/Rx switching clicks are much less obtrusive to the point I don't really notice unless I listen, they were hurting my ears yesterday.  I have five QSOs under its belt this afternoon so its well and truly working.

Comparing its power (primitive- just swinging a needle on an uncalibrated and inaccurate power meter) to my K2 set for 7 watts, the QCX was giving a little less so seems about right.  I'll try and measure it more accurately next time.  My Juma PA100-D has a fairly accurate power meter but I'll have to explore a properly sequenced switching signal from the QCX, I'm sure its been mentioned before so I will browse some threads and leave space in the box for an extra jack socket!

The pot I removed was erratic and jumpy when I tested it.  I can't tell whether I damaged it or if it came faulty I guess doesn't matter, its fixed now.  The new one is physically a bit too big so I'm planning to get one with a power switch built in.  I had planned to use a little toggle switch but this might be a neater solution.

Onwards and upwards!

Peter, GM0EUL

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