Re: QCX future?

Braden Glett

Many thanks to all who responded. 
I am greatly encouraged about the future of CW, reading many of these responses!
I first got my Advanced license in 1984 (I think) but never really learned the code - just well enough to squeak by in the test. Didn't use my license, really, after getting it. 
In early 2017 I decided to get back into ham radio, with an emphasis on QRP. I quickly learned that SSB and QRP may work, but it was very dofficult to make contacts. I decided to learn CW, this time for real. After a few weeks of code practice using phone apps, I got on the air starting 8/5/2017, making myself do at least one QSO a day, which left me exhausted. But I stuck with it.
Now I can easily work 18 wpm; it's effortless and fun. Great fun, in fact - it was truly the key to making QRP operation practical and fun! I also work CW on my daily commute. Learning CW wasn't nearly as hard as everyone had convinced me it would be. Maybe the younger generation just doesn't understand that it's not as hard as they think it would be - especially with the wonderful phone apps that allow one to practice while driving or walking. Much, much easier than in 1984!
I suspect that Han's kit has helped to get at least some younger people interested in learning code, who otherwise would not have been able to afford to put it into practice. Why should phone operations have a low-price Baofeng available, but CW operations not have a low-cost entry, too? Hans has provided the answer to the CW side of radio, in the QCX. 
Thanks everyone for your replies - again, very encouraging!
Brady kd8zm

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