QCX future?

Braden Glett

Slightly off-topic, but as I work CW using the QCX or other rig, I can't help but notice that nearly everyone I QSO with is older than I am, and I'm no spring chicken (59). Most are in their 70s and a fair number in their 80s, a few are in their 60s still.
I'm really wondering if in a few years I'm going to have to QSO with the same 6 people over and over again, assuming I'm still alive and kicking. So will a CW-only rig even be relevant except in a contest or on Field Day, or the occasional SOTA op? 
Please, none of the "they never should have given out no-code licenses" powerless griping - that ship has sailed and it's not coming back to port.
Rhetorical question. Any original or encouraging thoughts on the subject much appreciated!

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